CARDIOPRINT® Lint-Free ECG Paper a game changer in ECG Paper Industry

The game-changer paper for longer life of your ECG machine.

Give new lease of life to your ECG Machine with our Lint free paper

When you use ECG paper in your ECG machine, it works as the heart of your machine. It is important not to let any normal paper limit the life of your ECG Machine. Lint-free ECG paper by CARDIOPRINT® is a new-age paper that won't emit lint when in use. It's perfect for clinicians who use ECG tests to monitor the heart, and it saves time and resources in the long run.

ECG Paper

What is Lint-Free ECG Paper?

Lint-Free ECG Paper is a paper that has been designed to be dust- and lint-free and it uses environmentally friendly materials.

Why choose Lint-Free ECG Paper?

Our Lint-Free ECG Paper is high in tear strength, which makes it a much more stable paper to use in your machine. The sharp images generated with our Lint-free paper make ECG tracing a breeze. This enables the experts to analyse it more uniformly and accurately.

Why choose CARDIOPRINT® Premium Quality Lint-Free ECG Paper?

Dust Free
& Moisture Proof





CARDIOPRINT® Lint-free ECG paper:

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 400/MAC i V2
80mm X 90mm X 280 Sheets

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 1200
210mm X 295mm X 150 Sheets

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 500
90mm X 90mm X 360 Sheets

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 800
110mm X 140mm X 200 Sheets


For BPL Machine 8108 R
120mm x 100mm x 15 MTRS


For BPL - 6208 R / 7108
60mm x 15 MTRS


For BPL Machine 6108 T
50mm X 100amm X 20 MTRS

BPL-ECG 80mm x 20m

For BPL Machine 6208 VIEW
80mm X 20 MTRS

Do you want to know the full range of our products for you to choose from?

CARDIOPRINT®- A name synonyms with Quality!

Bristol India's quality standards are one of the best in the industry. Our lint- free papers are specially processed in a highly sanitized environment, which helps minimize dust emissions from these papers. Bristol's India has its own quality testing lab to ensure the quality of paper is always top-notch meeting International Standards for all our customers.

You can now buy ECG Paper from us with an amazing customer service experience. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and aim to make a long- term partnership with you.

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About Bristol India

Bristol India is a leading medical device manufacturing company that offers high-quality ECG paper solutions. Our single channel, 3 channel, 6 channel and 12 channel products are ISO 13485:2016 certified and carry a two-year warranty. We also manufacturer CTG paper and ECG. Bristol India products are of premium quality and have a high degree of reliability.