ECG Paper

ECG test| The importance of regular ECG test for a healthy heart

Heart Attack kills 1 person every 33 seconds in India, states The Times of India becoming the coronary capital of the world mentions Abbot Indian Heart Disease 101 (abbott.in).

It has been a growing health concern for every Indian, be it young or elderly. And, to beat this concern doctors advise to lead a life with a healthy heart. And, in this process, ECG plays an important role.

What is ECG?

An ECG is an electrocardiogram test that monitors heart electrical activity through its electrical currents that run through the heart. The aim of the ECG test is to identify abnormal heart rhythm. Everybody has a unique ECG trace but there are patterns of an ECG that indicate various heart problems such as arrhythmias. So, what does an electrocardiogram show? In a nutshell, an electrocardiogram shows if your heart is working properly or if it’s experiencing a problem and indicates what that problem is.

What are the benefits of getting ECG?

ECG is a very accurate non-intrusive way to diagnose any heart-related problem that might be giving symptoms in your everyday symptoms like heavy breaths while running, constipation, uneasiness, and various others.

Regular ECG can detect any heart disease early and can be easily treated before it causes any major mishap to your health.

Can an ECG detect stroke?

Yes, ECG can detect a stroke. It can also detect causes that can further lead to heart stroke, therefore, it is an effective diagnostic test to identify any underlying issue that might lead to heart stroke in the future.

What else can an ECG scan find?

Arrhythmias, heart defects, heat inflammation, cardiac arrest, poor blood supply, coronary artery disease, or heart attack are some of the heart-related problems that can be identified with the help of an ECG test. Therefore, it is a smart move to take up an ECG test annually to make sure your heart is in a healthy state and is not developing any underlying reason that may lead to a cardiac stroke in the future.