'Aatmnirbhar' Premium Quality ECG Paper
International Quality ECG Paper Manufactured by Bristol India.
Using latest technology and best material to deliver on the GE promise.
Best Suited For GE Machines
Chose the CARDIOPRINT ECG Paper, manufactured in India by Bristol
using the best technology and material to deliver on the GE promise.
Available Now!
Save on time and precious foreign exchange by
ordering made in India ECG Papers from Bristiol India.
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Enhance The Performance Of Your GE ecg Machine With CARDIOPRINT®

For good results of ECG, you need a high-quality Medical Grade thermal paper. It has the quality of long-lasting recorded image. The good quality of thermal paper increases the life of printer head, which is very costly. Our CARDIOPRINT® medical papers are of very high standards. We always provide paper as per the OEM standards. We have a sophisticated testing lab, where in we test the thermal coating and grammage of the paper of the OEM paper and compare our paper with the OEM. That is why the Cardiologists prefer our CARDIOPRINT® brand.

Bristol India is a Quality Management Company (QMS)


Premium Quality
Thermal Paper

7 PLY Corrugated
Outer Carton

Model No.| Expiry Date |
Ref Code | Lot No.

Dust Free & Moisture Proof

Cardioprint ECG Paper

Accurate Graph

Perfect Finish

Smooth Surface

ISO Certified 13485:2016

ECG Paper for Popular GE Machines are:

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 400/MAC i V2
80mm X 90mm X 280 Sheets

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 1200
210mm X 295mm X 150 Sheets

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 500
90mm X 90mm X 360 Sheets

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 800
110mm X 140mm X 200 Sheets

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 9402-020
215mm X 280mm X 300 Sheets

ECG Paper

For GE MAC 2009828-021(Z fold)
215mm X 280mm X 300 Sheets

Also Available Disposable ECG Electrodes:

Cardioprint ECG Electrodes

Book CARDIOPRINT® ECG Paper For Your GE Machines Now:

ECG Paper

About Bristol India

Bristol India is a leading medical device manufacturing company that offers high-quality ECG paper solutions. Our single channel, 3 channel, 6 channel and 12 channel products are ISO 13485:2016 certified and carry a two-year warranty. We also manufacturer CTG paper and ECG. Bristol India products are of premium quality and have a high degree of reliability.