CARDIOPRINT® Premium Quality Disposable ECG Electrodes for Cardiac Monitoring

CARDIOPRINT® Electrodes tested under ANSI/AAMI EC12:2000 standard

Are you looking for a trustworthy, premium quality Disposable ECG Electrodes Manufacturer?

Clinicians all around the world look for premium quality ECG Electrodes to achieve precision in cardiac monitoring. Bristol India’s Disposable ECG Electrodes and ECG Electrodes are best in class delivering precision in every ECG test.

ECG Electrodes are used to transmit heart impulses onto the ECG machine for cardiac diagnosis. ECG Electrodes placement is typically attached to the skin with a conductive pad, and cover the chest of a patient during an ECG test. Disposable ECG Electrodes are single use ECG Electrodes with high-quality conductive gel for excellent adhesion and precision in ECG monitoring.

Features of Bristol India ECG Electrodes
and Disposable ECG Electrodes

CARDIOPRINT® Bristol India’s pre-gelled Electrodes comes with medical-grade adhesives and optimal electrical signal quality to deliver accuracy in every single use. Bristol India covers a wide variety of ECG Electrodes, be it Disposable ECG Electrodes, Monitoring Electrodes, Stress Test and Holter Electrodes or Paediatric electrodes.
Clinicians can find the best quality electrodes with us.

How are CARDIOPRINT ECG Electrodes made?

The CARDIOPRINT® electrodes are manufactured in a fully Automatic Plant under dust-free conditions complying with international standards. We have a fully computerized testing lab. These electrodes come in a laminated water- proof pack of 50

CARDIOPRINT® ECG Electrode: Quality that Empowers!

CARDIOPRINT® takes the quality of its product as a top priority. ECG Electrodes from Bristol India undergoes an intensive 14-step quality check both manually and on a QC machine imported especially from Canada. These intensive checks make Bristol India’s ECG Electrodes the best in the market. CARDIOPRINT® ECG Electrode can sustain up to 2 years under standard conditions.

Why Choose CARDIOPRINT® ECG Electrodes?

Strong Adhesive

Excellent Adhesion

Sticks properly to the skin, removes without hurting the skin

Highly Conductive

Highly Conductive

Highly Conductive Hydro Gel
Ensures Optimal Signal Quality

High Quality

High Quality

Ensures high quality readings, zero artefact and no repeat procedures

Long Shelf Life

Shelf Life

Long Shelf
Life in Pouch

Used in ICU/CCU, Patient Rooms


Used in ICU/CCU,
Patient Rooms

CARDIOPRINT® is a well-known name in the industry for 49 years. Our ECG Electrodes are of high quality and are exported to countries like Australia, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Israel etc.

Bristol India, the owner of brand CARDIOPRINT®, a leader in the quality and performance provides excellent customer service focusing on a long-term partnership with our customers. All our products meet robust International Standards. We are continuously striving towards bringing world-class ECG Electrodes to healthcare professionals.

CARDIOPRINT® Introduces ECG Electrodes and Disposable ECG Electrodes are available in various shapes & sizes in ample stock.

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About Bristol India

Bristol India is a leading medical device manufacturing company that offers high-quality ECG paper solutions. Our single channel, 3 channel, 6 channel and 12 channel products are ISO 13485:2016 certified and carry a two-year warranty. We also manufacturer CTG paper and ECG. Bristol India products are of premium quality and have a high degree of reliability.