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What is an ECG Electrode?

The ECG electrode is a conductive pad that attaches to the skin and records the electrical wavelength of the heart.

Why ECG Electrodes from CARDIOPRINT®?

CARDIOPRINT® ECG electrodes are designed with delicate skin in mind. They're great for elderly patients who have had reactions to previous primary electrodes, or those receiving cardiac rehabilitation therapy. The raw material used is making our ECG Electrodes are of medical grade, making it the perfect option for these types of sensitive skin!

ECG Electrodes Placement made easy!

The strong adhesive nature of CARDIOPRINT® ECG Electrodes makes ECG Electrodes placement hassle-free. Clinicians just need to prepare the skin by applying alcohol swaps, electrodes can thus be firmly placed on chest and start performing electrocardiogram test.

Tested and verified!

Adhesive foam-tape backing and sticky gel designed to ensure excellent skin contact

Clinically tested for up to 5 days wear

Clinically proven to stay adhered on the skin that becomes diaphoretic

Provides good performance for up to 45 days after pouch is opened

Medical Grade Adhesive foam monitoring electrodes with sticky gel feature a high-performance adhesive

Know More about Raw Material

CARDIOPRINT® is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying ECG Paper and ECG Electrodes. All of our products are biocompatibility tested and comply with Medical Device Directive Standards for safety, quality, function and traceability. CARDIOPRINT® ECG electrodes range is designed specifically to meet the requirements of clinicians around the world.

Advance Hydrogel

The advance hydrogel formula of our ECG Electrodes ensures 100% contact with the skin. This makes it perfect for entire ECG procedures. The ADVANCE FORMULA of our electrodes allows for long-term and short-term use. Our ECG electrode solution also has non-sensitive Skin Touch backing to meet patient needs.

Some Tips for choosing ECG Electrodes?

Quality electrodes are an important part of the monitoring process. When selecting them, keep the following guidelines in mind: Electrodes exist in different shapes and sizes, can be made up of different materials, and are recommended for various clinical applications (e.g., ambulatory ECG or critical care unit). You should only use a specific type that is not specified by your monitor's manufacturer.


We at CARDIOPRINT® pride ourselves in the high-quality and reliable performance of all our electrodes. The performance and safety of all CARDIOPRINT® electrodes and other ECG products has been designed and stringently tested according to International Standards and ISO certification ISO 13485 – 2016.

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About Bristol India

Bristol India is a leading medical device manufacturing company that offers high-quality ECG paper solutions. Our single channel, 3 channel, 6 channel and 12 channel products are ISO 13485:2016 certified and carry a two-year warranty. We also manufacturer CTG paper and ECG. Bristol India products are of premium quality and have a high degree of reliability.